Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Human Being Journal

Can't get over Teresa Oman in Need Supply's first biannual print publication, Human Being Journal.

Monday, November 12, 2012


The Parsons x FAB prints are up for sale today! There's a lot of really awesome work and the sale is only 5 days so move fast!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Found out today that one of my illustrations will be sold as a print on Fab.com starting November 12! Check out the other prints from Parsons students on Fab and start holiday shopping early

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On Branding

I'm working on updating my website and that involves a lot of personal branding. I have to admit it's been a lot more difficult to brand myself than I had imagined. I've been working with a lot of typography lately but writing my name in a way that encompasses everything I do is a little daunting. I had no idea what I wanted so I started out by delving deep into google and pulling anything that caught my eye. I started to see a pattern with what I liked. Everything was fairly vintage-inspired, only slightly feminine and most importantly, clean. 

For the Love of Type / Letter Cult / Nate Williams / Scout & Catalogue / The Kennedys / Mike Cherman / Jon Contino

From my inspiration I started messing around just drawing my name in as many ways as I could imagine. This was horrible and you will never see it. A hand drawn logo might look great and still on the clean side if the name is short, but my name is just impossibly long and they all ended up looking like a 3rd grader practicing cursive. So, I moved to the computer and looked at my name in every typeface I own, then narrowed those down to what felt almost right. I also made a few short logos to go with the full name logos.

The type I liked best turned out to be Learning Curve, but it was still too airy and feminine for my work. The others were just too simple and the short logo reminded me of the joke hipster branding. But, I still needed something slightly heavier and structured, so, inspired by the Kennedy logo, I redrew each letter, rounded out a few of them and added a few breaks between the letters. I attempted a more cursive M but it just felt too cute for my taste, so I went with the more structured version. I also just love the way the S loops around the leg of the M in the short logo. The logo is also good as a stacked version, versatility is always good. I'm definitely no type genius but this is just what worked for me.