Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This is just too brilliant. I'm sure its old news, but hey, its new to me and it reeks of DIY potential. I'm thinking this might be the answer to the side table issue from the last post. I'm assuming the open knots in the wood can just be filled with turquoise chips and then some resin?

Monday, September 17, 2012


I've been a little neglectful of the blog lately, but so many new things have been going on around the apartment so try and keep up! First the wall behind the bed has been painted black. Not just black. Chalkboard black. I love how much more intimate it makes the room look, as opposed to the endless white in the rest of the apartment. The West Elm jacquard bedding is also new. Theres also a really nice swedish design inspired black, white, grey color palette happening. This probably won't last long because next on the list is to toss those old nightstands and the awful pottery barn dresser and upgrade to some teak goodness. I also finally fixed the seat on that white chair, it is no longer just a large pillow. So to all of my friends who have fallen through that chair, its safe to come over again.
Now onto the best new addition, Lewis! He's a 12 week old Devon Rex and possibly the most incredible cat to have ever been born. He's more like a monkey-dog than a cat. He likes to sit on shoulders and climb anything he can. He also has an addiction to knocking things over; guitars, bikes, potted plants, whatever I'm completely obsessed with him. So be prepared for pictures of him and that little bald spot on his head to start taking over the blog.
He even matches the decor, too perfect.
Now onto the living room. The most work has been done to this room because its the most seen. We have a new hanging macrame planter with wood accent and I DIY'd a Lindsey Adelman chandelier. It was really simple to make and she even has a complete tutorial and list of materials and their corresponding websites HERE. The lamp is great because once you figure out how all the pieces fit together its really easily customized. The only tricky part is the wiring, so just be patient, its worth it. 
Heres a closeup of part of the lamp, so dreamy in all its brass and edison bulby goodness.

The old hideous blonde Ikea bookcase has been scrapped and replaced with a slightly less hideous white Ikea Lack bookcase, not a vast improvement but it will do for now. 
I picked up this amazing letterpress drawer at the Brooklyn Flea market for $25. That awesome embroidered eye hat is from Opening Ceremony, I'm on such an eye kick lately if you can't tell.

One of my favorite new pieces that just completely transformed the room is the replica walnut Eames Molded Plywood Chair I picked up for 50% off at whiteonwhite in Williamsburg. The pictures don't even do the beautiful wood justice. I want to replace that table next to it, but can't decide between a mini tulip table or a DIY burl and hairpin leg side table. Decisions, decisions.